Broken | Peter Matthews

Our world is broken,

it seems no-one can fix it

oceans and forests die

whole families perish

yet those who could, do nothing

those who should, seem not to care

there are sufficient funds

there is an abundance of talent

but the willingness to act

is lacking, sadly lacking

millions can see the problems

few care to make a difference

and words are but a token

our world is sadly broken

Peter Matthews, a country boy at heart, lives with his wife in the suburbs of Nottingham, England.  His greatest achievement is that he has aged fairly gracefully but has avoided growing up.  Peter has written poetry from the age of sixteen and blogs regularly at

14 thoughts on “Broken | Peter Matthews

  1. I agree Margaret. There are lots of “little people” and, indeed, many in positions of authority, who do seek, and find the positive, and there are lots of us who do try their best to make a difference. What there is not is a global determination to work towards a fair and equal society.

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