Whispers and Echoes Poetry and Flash Fiction Index | July 2022


In July, we had the amazing opportunity to have Bartholomew Barker as our first Guest Editor. For two weeks we shared his chosen submissions for his series, Sorta-Sonnets (which you can find here).

We were also able to share some amazing poetry by both old and new contributors to Whispers and Echoes.  Thank you to everyone who submitted to the journal, and my continued gratitude to those who read it.

General Submissions to Whispers and Echoes are currently closed as we have scheduled submissions all the way through to the end of August. Once these have been shared, Whispers and Echoes will be going on its annual short break, but expect submissions to open again prior to that.

We have two more themed submissions calls planned for 2022, and I can reveal they are to be: a continuation of our Haiku series, Haiku on History, and then Extended Editions for longer poems and pieces of flash.  If you would like to get an idea of the submissions requirements for these calls, you can check out last year’s posts (Haiku on Healing, Extended Editions 2021) but please note, these guidelines may change between now and when we announce the call proper. If there’s time and space enough in our posting schedule, we may also announce a photo prompt call.

To see what we shared – or what you missed – in July, check out the links below. Enjoy!




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