Butterfly | Sarah Whiley

That’s right
I’m the sidekick
Riding the tailcoats
Of those braver than I
Too shy
Too scared
To bare my teeth
Instead, I smile

Push me around?
You can
I promise I won’t mind
I have no guile
I grit my teeth
My knuckles are white
What lies beneath
Composure like armour

Shh. Can you hear it?
My soul has awakened
She’s trying to get out
I’m on my knees
Slowly I push
Gently I prod
The cocoon opens wide
And I am bioluminescent

I am ready
My stars in the sand
Laid bare for all to see
A butterfly

Sarah Whiley is a primary school teacher, with a passion for writing. She enjoys crafting whimsical short stories and poems, in a variety of forms. More work from Sarah can be found at her blog, By Sarah.