The Seven Deadly Sins | JeanMarie Olivieri

“For the wages of sin is death… ”

Romans 6:23

The Seven Deadly Sins are old fashioned.

Punishment in the afterlife is a quaint idea.

No one takes the sin part seriously

anymore which makes sin so easy to find.


Greed and Pride grease the one percenters

Lust and Envy fill reality TV and court dockets.

Fast food, delivery and Netflix fuels Gluttony and Sloth.

Anger divides and conquers, filling graves.


Any one of those can kill you fast and hard

but the non-lethal misdemeanors

will kill you slow and soft.

We are wounded daily by a thousand unkind actions.


It takes a long time to die

when you are stoned with pebbles.

JeanMarie Olivieri was a business writer but now writes poetry. She has been published in several journals and anthologies. A co-organizer of Living Poetry, a large meetup group in North Carolina, she has won or placed three years in a row in the annual North Carolina Poetry Society contest.