The Parasite | Victor Nandi

As we were travelling through the tube, my friend sank down on his knees clutching his head.

“What?” I exclaimed.

“The headache,” he gritted his teeth. “Getting worse by the day.”

It’s the antibiotics, I thought to myself.

“I CAN’T BEAR IT ANYMO…” before he could complete, his head burst out spilling his brains over me. His lifeless form collapsed.

As I stood there terrified, many more corpses travelled down a stream of blood towards me – limbs mutilated, brains splattered.

My mutation has made me immune to the antibiotics, but for how long? It’s time to migrate – another host, maybe.

Victor Nandi is a Senior Content Developer with an Ed-tech company. In addition to various international magazines, his works of horror, fantasy and sci-fi have featured in anthologies from several publication houses around the world. He lives in Bangalore, India.