Grow Through | Emine Beasley

I stretch out my petals and my face catches the sun. It has been a long night since autumn, the moon is too cold for me, the frost bites with no relief so I stayed below the earthen bed until… Until. Until I can drink deep the warm water. Until I can push through the old layers of myself. My shiny new body feels strong. I am reborn to light and awakening. I am excited for the brightness of spring, this collage of colours is my community. We all have a time and mine is now.

Based in the English city of Norwich, Emine Beasley is a life enthusiast. Scientist by day, aspiring writer by night, she has recently started following her passion for the written word. She keeps a small blog here:, and an irregular Instagram here:

Selected by the editor as a featured submission, October 2021