* We are currently CLOSED to ALL Submissions at this time…please check back again soon *

For general submissions, and our submission guidelines, see below

Below you will find everything you need to know about submitting to Whispers and Echoes, but should you have a question that’s not covered here, please feel free to get in touch.

Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis.  If we find we have to close, it will be because we have a backlog of submissions to work through or we are scheduling posts too far in advance.  There will always be at least one week’s notice before we close to submissions so you can get anything you’ve been working on to us.

Please read the guidelines and FAQs (at the bottom of the page) in full.  Submissions that do not adhere to the guidelines will not be considered.

Submission Guidelines

  • Flash fiction should be no longer than 100 words, not including the title. A few words over is not a problem, but any more than that and the piece is likely to not be accepted.
  • Poems can be up to 10 lines long, not including blank lines between verses.
  • Please submit up to 3 poems, pieces of flash fiction, or any combination of the two in the one email. Each accepted submission will be posted separately.  Acceptance of one piece doesn’t mean all pieces will be accepted.
  • There is no set theme or genre but please don’t send anything that can be considered offensive.  If you’re unsure, please ask.  All work should be original.  Please do not send us work that infringes another’s copyright – no song lyrics, no fan fiction, etc.
  • All submissions must be sent in the body of an email to the address at the bottom of this page.  No attachments please.  They will be deleted, unread and unacknowledged.  Please put, “Whispers and Echoes Submission – Your Name” in the subject line.
  • Include an author bio written in third person, of no more than 50 words, and accompanied by up to 2 links (blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, Wattpad, etc).
  • Left alignment only.  No exceptions.  Please don’t ask.
  • 1 empty line between paragraphs / verses.  No indents.
  • Work can contain words / phrases in italics, bold and underlined
  • All submissions to have titles.  If no titles are provided, they will be given the unimaginative title of, “Untitled”.
  • Linked pieces will be considered, but please be aware if multiple submissions are accepted they might not be posted consecutively.  A link, however, will be included in follow-up pieces to the earlier part(s).  For linked pieces to be accepted, each part must be able to stand as a complete story / poem on its own.

Send submissions to:


Do you accept work previously posted to a blog or personal website?  Yes. We don’t consider work posted to blogs, personal / author websites and social media as published, so feel free to submit pieces that fall into this category.  If you’re unsure, ask.

Do you accept reprints? No, we don’t accept previously published work.

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?  Sorry, but no.

Are you a paying market?  No.  This is a free to submit, free to read journal that I put together in my free time.  No-one is making any money from it.

What’s your response time? No longer than two weeks (hopefully) but please wait one month before querying your submission.

What about copyright?  Copyright always remains with the author.  However, by submitting to the journal, you are giving us permission to post your work on this site and share it on our Facebook page.  We won’t use it in any other way, and you are free to submit the work elsewhere.

Do you proofread / edit submissions? Please remember to proofread and edit your work for grammatical errors and typos yourself prior to submitting.  Editing fantasy or science fiction, or unusual poetry can be difficult for an editor – some words are purposely misspelt or grammar rules ignored for effect.  As such, our position is to leave submissions in the state they are sent to us.

Can I submit again if I’ve already had work accepted / included in Whispers and Echoes?  Yes, please do!  All we ask is that you wait until your most recently accepted piece has been posted in the journal.  In the case of multiple acceptances, please wait until the first piece has been posted.

What if I’ve submitted to the journal and am waiting for my work to be posted but a special submissions call is announced? Can I submit to that too?  Yes, of course! We encourage our contributors to send us both general submissions as well as participating in our special calls. We love to read and share your work.  All we ask is that you follow the guidelines.

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