Fall Fiesta | Daisy Bala

Plush leaves, changing hybrid colors,
Yellow red orange and raw greens,
Rich opulent shades, mystifying shadows,
The glamour of rains and fall chiming together,
On the rich palate of changing seasons.

Crunchy color under my feet, deciduous shedding exorbitantly,
Orange magenta brown lifting my spirits too.
The lemonade and pumpkin spiced latte tasting better with the fall foliage,
Checking in the flavor and bounty,
We welcome the ushering colors this magical fall!!

About the author: Writing is my nirvana and an escape from reality. You can visit my blog https://freshdaisiesdotme.wordpress.com/

Selected by the editor as a featured submission, June 2020

Originally posted on this site: 07/10/2019