Last one clinging | Catherine Penafiel

If a leaf could think

the last one on the tree

would have the burden of remembering all the other leaves

until it fell to the ground

and turned to dust

Catherine Penafiel works for a Fortune 100 company during the day and writes micro poems and flash fiction on Fridays. She blogs periodically at 2ndactblogger – Re-inventing (

Uvalde | Catherine Penafiel

nine to eleven
the wonder years

shoots in the garden
at the end of 4th grade

just shy of pimples and crushes
a sliver of time

cut short by a reaper’s scythe
he grew from the same soil

Catherine Penafiel is an observer of anything that strikes her fancy at the moment. She publishes her observations at Her most recent goal is to publish a series of poems about her recent trip to Spain – so much more colorful than a travel blog.