California Stop | Ted Strutz

“Ethel!”, screams Cheryl.


“You didn’t stop!”

“Didn’t stop?”

“At the corner, no stop.”

“Yes I did, I always stop at stop signs.”

“No, you were rolling, that doesn’t count as a stop. And the sign says stop.”

“Oh for God’s sake, Cheryl, don’t be so picky. That was enough of a stop. You never yell at Betty when she drives.”

“That’s because Betty always stops at signs. You made a California stop.”

“What are you talking about, we’re in Chicago?”

“That’s what they call a rolling stop. You rolled.”

Ethel sighs as she rolls thru the next stop.

Ethel and Cheryl live in Chicago, and when the prompt summons them they appear in 100 word flash fiction stories on TedBook. Ted Strutz lives in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. His story was posted on 2/14/19 and the photo prompt was… a red stop sign. Come say hi on fb…

Originally posted on this site: 02/08/2019