True Love | Randi Hoekstra

Sitting at the kitchen table, I felt a little queasy. For the last few days, my hair had been coming out by the hands full.

I could hear the buzzing of the clippers as my husband prepared to cut off the patchy hair that remained. Soon, all traces of my dark curly locks would be gone. My head would be shiny and bald.

The buzzing stopped. As I felt the warmth of his lips touch the top of my naked head, I knew I could survive this cancer. Surgeries, chemo and radiation were no match for true love!

Randi is a 19-year survivor of breast cancer. She attributes her survival to the love of family and friends. This story is her first attempt at flash fiction. Previously, she has written for Press One in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She is currently taking her fourth “Life Stories Writing” class at UW Whitewater.

Selected by the editor as a featured submission, September 2020

Originally posted on the site: 28/02/2020