Ode to a Golden Galleon | Gail Henderson

Oh no! When did this happen?

I’ve cared for you so many years, I’ve loved you even more.

One minute, all crystal and sunlight

wrapped safely in paper, not any old paper, soft, white tissue

that cradled you’re delicate masts and pennants,

cushioned your fragile, lace like bow, stern and deck.


Now you are a wreck.

Small, glass galleon, dear delicate thing, unrecognisable and yet

crystal and sunlight bring sparkle to your fragments of hull, sail and prow.

How can I love and admire you now? 

Gail Henderson arrived in Angus, from Oxford in 2006. From Doncaster, South Yorkshire originally she still considers herself a Yorkshire Lass. After writing poetry for many years, often lighthearted with a touch of humour, three years ago she joined a creative writing class and now writes short stories as well as poetry of a more serious nature. During lockdown of 2021 she discovered an online writing group, The Procrastinators, the group has helped her explore different genres and given her the opportunity of sharing her work. 

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