Persephone’s Desire | Melody E. McIntyre

Persephone removes her mantle of death and adorns herself with flowers. Watching from their bed, Hades wonders how he’ll survive without her. She brought life into his world of death. With a kiss goodbye, she’s gone.

Persephone takes her mother’s hand and Demeter’s heart thaws. The world around them blossoms as they ascend to Olympus together.

They trapped Persephone in a cosmic tug of war over who loves her more. Neither asked Persephone where she wants to be. Her heart is still in the meadows of her youth. It belongs to the beautiful nymph she was forced to leave behind.

Melody lives in Ontario and has loved reading and writing her entire life. Her favourite genres to write are horror and mystery. She has published several short pieces of fiction. She studied Classics in University and remains obsessed with the ancient world to this day.

Twitter: @evamarie41


Selected by the editor as a featured submission, August 2021

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