The First Spring | Melody E. McIntyre

The icy planet floated in darkness. The star that had trapped it in its orbit was but a distant sparkle. Other than occasional glimpses of the others in orbit, the planet was alone.

But not completely alone. Something stirred within, waiting for a chance. That moment came when a meteor collided with the planet and sent it hurtling closer to the sun, into a warmer orbit.

The planet welcomed its new home. It could see the other planets and feel the sun’s warmth. As its ice thawed, the life within could now break through the surface and embrace the light.

Melody lives in Ontario and has loved reading and writing her entire life. Her favourite genres to write are horror and mystery. She has published several short pieces of fiction. She studied Classics in University and remains obsessed with the ancient world to this day.

Twitter: @evamarie41


Selected by the editor as a featured submission, December 2021

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