A Love Like No Other | Monica St Hillaire

I am your chosen vessel,
That brought you safely to shore…
I am your shield and armor,
My solemn duty, to protect you,
From the ills of this world.
I am your comforter,
Solace is always abundant,
In my arms.
I am your pillar,
Draw strength from me,
For I have been waiting…
Oh, my sweet child,
Mere words can never explain…
This immeasurable and unconditional,
Love I feel for you.
The day you were born,
I was also reborn.
My crowning glory… I will never falter.
Know that I will bestow these feelings,
To infinity and beyond… I LOVE YOU.

An aspiring writer with a love for all forms of poetry. Haiku she hopes to one day master, both traditional and modern. Writing has always been a passion of hers. Her ambition is to be the best wordsmith she can be.   TWITTER: @MonicaHillaire, INSTAGRAM: judysthillaire

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