The Locked-Up Heart | Hannah Foster

The hunter’s eyes followed the silver box as the woman laid it in his hands.

“I am not worthy,” he whispered, raising his head. “How can you trust me?”

The sorceress looked down at him where he knelt on the cold stone. “You have proven yourself to me. You saw the cavern from which this heart was torn.” As she spoke a drop of blood beaded at a corner of the little box and tracked down the hunter’s palm. She smiled and her smile was still cold. “My heart is your secret. Guard it with your life.”

“I will.”

Hannah Foster is a young adult fiction writer and chronic daydreamer. Once upon a time she fell in love with art and stories and never looked back. She loves tea, anime, and corgis, and will probably never grow up.

Selected by the editor as a featured submission, September 2022

Originally posted on the site: 19/07/2019


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