The Little Match Girl | McKenzie Richardson

we can all relate to the Little Match Girl, sitting outside in the cold
the snow gathers on her head almost beautifully, magically, otherworldly
like a fairy coated in fresh spun sugar
but still the passersby, pass on by, as is their nature, shift their eyes away.

we have all lost match after match to fight the cold that runs through our fingers
cracking our bones like chestnuts popping over open flames
we have all been the Little Match Girl
the heat and the beauty feeling worth it in the moment,
the instant regret as the fire dies down, kissing our fingertips in sharp searing pain.

what will you burn your last matchstick for?

McKenzie Richardson lives in Milwaukee, WI. Her work has been featured in various anthologies such as Mutate, Electromagnetism, and Doomsday, as well as online publications. Her first novel, Heartstrings, was published in 2018. McKenzie also runs a crafting blog: For more updates on her writing, you can follow her on Facebook:  |   Wattpad

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