Cold | McKenzie Richardson

Snow flowers fall from the darkening sky, shedding their pearly petals, which blanket the ground in a soft coating of purest white.

The tears on the woman’s cheeks freeze almost as quickly as they spill from her eyes, liquid born more from frustration than sadness. The puny fire slowly burns before her, but each flimsy flicker foretells its imminent demise.

Her hands, tucked snuggly beneath her arms for warmth, tremble at the thought of gathering more frozen branches in the darkness. She squints against the cold, glaring in the face of adversity.

She will survive this night in the woods.

McKenzie Richardson lives in Milwaukee, WI. Her work has been featured in various anthologies such as Mutate, Electromagnetism, and Doomsday, as well as online publications. Her first novel, Heartstrings, was published in 2018. McKenzie also runs a crafting blog: For more updates on her writing, you can follow her on Facebook:  |   Wattpad

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