Hustle, Bustle, Crinkle, Rustle | Peter Matthews

I wish you had seen when I was light green, with edges all ruffled in pink

but now I am brown and feeling quite down, imagine what neighbours must think

there’s one saving grace that surely takes place when once I have rotted away

I’ll join with my friends and then make amends by feeding the trees every day

Meanwhile I’ll keep mum and wave to my chum who’s rustling there on the ground

She’s having some fun in the bright Autumn sun as she crunches and swirls all around

I’m waiting, you know, for the next mighty blow that will send me to join all the rest

Then I’ll chase all around with that glorious sound that fresh fallen leaves do the best

We’ll all pile together in crisp Autumn weather ensuring the kids have a ball

Then hustle and bustle and crinkle and rustle, a wonderful time had by all!

Peter Matthews, a country boy at heart, lives with his wife in the suburbs of Nottingham, England.  His greatest achievement is that he has aged fairly gracefully but has avoided growing up.  Peter has written poetry from the age of sixteen and blogs regularly at


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