A Voice in the Mist | Ivor Steven

The moon’s my patriarch
My dream glowing in the dark
She’s a vision, no feel, no mound
Only a voice, without sound

A distant shining, so forlorn
My nights ache until dawn
She’s a pillow, no caress, no kiss
Only a voice, from beyond the mist

Ivor Steven was formerly an Industrial Chemist, then a Plumber, now retired, and has been writing for 19 years. He is on the committee of the Geelong Writers Inc.(Australia), a team member with the on-line magazine “Go Dog Go Cafe” (America), and a writer for “Coffee House Writers” magazine (America).

* Blog/website: http://ivors20.wordpress.com

* Instagram:  www.instagram.com/ivors20

 * Facebook: www.facebook.com/ivorrichard

  * Twitter:   twitter.com/@ivors20

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