A World Without | Myrna Migala

In a world without a Hello, there would be no Goodbye.

If there were no Beginning, there would be no End,

Or Past without a Present.

In a world without Low, there would be no High.

If there were no First, there could be no Last, or

Without a winner, there would be no Loser.

If there were no Virtue, there would be no Guilt.

In a world without Truth, there can be no Lie,

If there were no God, there would be no Us.

Myrna started writing in her elderly years, too busy raising children before many birthdays.   Writing poems and fiction is new in her life; therefore, she humbly boasts of nothing except her desire to express herself as a grandmother of many.
 Her writings can be read on her blog.  https://myforever.blog/
Or Poem Hunter @  https://www.poemhunter.com/member/poems/?order=title&search=


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