Meaning of life | Britta Benson

When I write, I like to go for the simple themes. Life, death. Easy victories, sitting still, patiently waiting right next to the rather more complicated scenarios of this ever expanding universe. Like: how to tie my shoelaces so that they won’t come undone halfway into my run. Or: how to convince the slugs that my garden is not an all you can possibly eat buffet. One of my all time favourite little things to ponder is the meaning of life. I believe, I’m very nearly there.

We are meant to be

creative, share from the heart,

play, fail, breathe, love. Free.

 Britta Benson is a circus skills instructing German, a writer, performer and linguist thriving in Scotland, her chosen habitat since the year 2000. She runs a creative writing group, The Procrastinators, and writes a daily blog, Britta’s Blog – Letters from Scotland as well as her poetry blog, Odds & Ends She also stares out of her window a lot and drinks far too much tea.


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