These Words | Sammi Cox

I craft worlds out of words
That only exist in my head
These words build cities
Grow gardens — make history
As well as bake cakes
These words that create
Transform into people with thoughts
And actions all their own
So my words become theirs
Or is it the other way around
These words — their voices
My craft — their art
My daydreams — their adventures
All inside my head

Sammi Cox is from the UK and spends her time writing and making things. Her poetry and short fiction have been published in various places online and in print. Her first collection of tiny tales, One Turn of The Wheel was published by Three Drops Press in 2017. Find her at:


11 thoughts on “These Words | Sammi Cox

  1. I need not say how much this resonates with me, for you know that. But you have expressed it, and brilliantly, which I never have. ❤️​❤️​❤️​❤️​❤️​❤️​❤️​❤️​❤️​❤️​❤️​❤️​❤️​❤️​❤️​❤️​❤️​❤️​❤️​❤️​

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