SUMMER MOON | Pamela Pfautsch

Pull of the summer moon

Lulling me to dream well.

Walking the mystery and illusions of being in love.

Catching fireflies and bullfrogs

Sweet summer memories held in a jar.

Restless dreams stream on air

To kiss my skin with nectar cologne.

The moon to witness the world 

Sleeping for the night.

As its sprite luminaries come to life

Overseeing the fireflies and bullfrogs.

Leaping into the night air.

Speaking in their mating tongue 

The moon’s summer pulls in the night. 

Pamela Pfautsch is an educator living in Frisco, Texas. She is an avid reader and writer. She enjoys writing poetry and helping her students foster an appreciation for poetry writing. She has written poems on Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides site since 2016, and on her blog: 

Pamela also enjoys chatting with other poets and challenging herself to write many different forms of poetry. You can also find her on Facebook 


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