Political Pondering on Privilege | Peter Matthews

Is he cute, is he clever, is he good or is he bad

Is he fortunate in having all the health and wealth he had

Is he ever really thankful is he ever really glad

Or does he just accept it as his right


Does he not appreciate good fortune all the while

Does he think he should receive a constant fawning smile

Does he take advantage with a thoughtless scheming guile

Or does he just accept it as his right


I think it best that others should….decide if he is bad or good!

He doesn’t care for others so….I think he really has to go!

Peter Matthews, a country boy at heart, lives with his wife in the suburbs of Nottingham, England.  His greatest achievement is that he has aged fairly gracefully but has avoided growing up.  Peter has written poetry from the age of sixteen and blogs regularly at www.pollymermaid.wordpress.com

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