Spotting the Heretic | Frank Hubeny

Clyde knew enough theology to spot a heretic. He cursed them in capital letters. He exaggerated his words till they slipped through the nets of truth. He ridiculed without mercy. He wanted every heretic to feel just how hot hell would get.

During his massive heart attack Clyde heard a soft voice say, “What do you think you’ve been doing?” “I’ve been serving You, Lord,” he responded, but he realized, much too late, that he had been serving only himself.

No one expected Clyde to recover anymore than they anticipated the joy his revived words would bring when he did.

Frank Hubeny has poetry published in Snakeskin and The Lyric. He has published flash fiction in Whispers and Echoes. He regularly posts poetry, prose and photography to

9 thoughts on “Spotting the Heretic | Frank Hubeny

  1. We often, talk trash, criticize, others who don’t, share our own, belief systems, and, we failed, to, realize, that religions are about, love, and, tolerance, for those, who don’t, share our, same, beliefs.

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