Mine and His | Gail Henderson

My drawer

A notebook

Six foiled throat lozenges

Handbag sized sanitiser a modern day addition

Norwegian formula hand cream, can be used anywhere

Notification of a Gallery Sale – starting soon!

A two sided mirror, one side scrutinising drop and decline

Vouchers  (note to self – check dates)

Ziploc freezer bag containing cold hard cash

Nail varnish leaflet, a complete wardrobe of shades

Homemade back scratcher and letter opener

Very small, very useful, green, pointed scissors

A rainbow nest of pens, pencils and highlighters


His drawer

A squad of pens, newly refilled

Flanked by two sharpened pencils

All at attention

Ready for the write 

Gail Henderson arrived in Angus, Scotland from Oxford in 2006. After writing poetry for many years, three years ago she joined a creative writing class and during the lockdown of 2021 discovered a weekly online writing group, The Procrastinators, which has helped her explore different genres and given her the opportunity of sharing her work.

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