The Ventriloquist | Gail Henderson

The performance begins in the dressing room

Pan-stick and touches of rouge here and there

Purposefully round the edges of his large protruding ears

Draws their eyes away from his small, tight lipped mouth

He spray sets his hair, collects me from a chair

My limbs hang loose and lifeless

Head turned awkwardly to one side resting on my shoulder

Then, there it is. His hand thrust inside me

Fingers separate, twist and penetrate, finding familiar holes.

Finally we are joined. Reluctant Bride, contented Groom.

Gail Henderson arrived in Angus, Scotland from Oxford in 2006. After writing poetry for many years, three years ago she joined a creative writing class and during the lockdown of 2021 discovered a weekly online writing group, The Procrastinators, which has helped her explore different genres and given her the opportunity of sharing her work.

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