Friend | Britta Benson

I walked barefoot next to you along the beach

and we stopped to look at a stranded jellyfish.

I felt the softest sand between my toes

and the strongest bond between our souls.

I stared silently into horizons through your eyes

and we sat on that wooden bench forever

until the sun got bored and went for a dive.

I shared a poke of chips with you in a crowd,

joined by local pigeons, starlings and a sparrow.

We solved the problems of the universe

until the last bus drove you back home.

Britta Benson is a happiness & poetry blogging, circus skills instructing German, a writer, performer and linguist thriving in Scotland, her chosen habitat since the year 2000. She runs a creative writing group and writes a daily blog, Britta’s Blog – Letters from Scotland as well as the poetry blog, Odds & Ends She also stares out of her window a lot and drinks far too much tea.

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