The storm | Britta Benson

The storm is coming.

Funny how the wind knocks,

three times, four, a dozen.

Soft little brush strokes tickle

the fidgeting fingers of barenaked trees,

whisper ‘Forget decorum, dance, I’ll lead,

I’ll linger, I might break your neck,

three times, four, a dozen.’

The storm is coming.

Britta Benson is a happiness & poetry blogging, circus skills instructing German, a writer, performer and linguist thriving in Scotland, her chosen habitat since the year 2000. She runs a creative writing group and writes a daily blog, Britta’s Blog – Letters from Scotland as well as the poetry blog, Odds & Ends She also stares out of her window a lot and drinks far too much tea.

Selected by the editor as a featured submission, April 2022

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