He Meets Her at the Bridge of Fallen Flowers | Sunra Rainz

Let’s talk about cosmology, he said.
What about it? she asked.
I want to know how you stole my soul, he replied.
I steal into everyone’s soul, she said matter-of-factly, to which
he sighed, and a small blizzard formed and fell somewhere above the Alps.
Not so soon, she said, calm now.  It’s still my time –
then shook her hair and a whirlwind of flaming umber
flew across the forests of the southern hemisphere.
You give me goosebumps, she smiled, and with fingers of sun
stroked his cold face, and his ice block heart almost melted.

Sunra Rainz is a Pakistani-born British poet and writer based in Birmingham, UK.  She has been writing for years and has had work published in Red Ink, Visual Verseanthology and work forthcoming inFree Verse Revolution.
Selected by the editor as a featured submission, April 2022

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