Summer Love | Peter Matthews

Lying on the lawn with Lorrilee

A game of tennis then a nice cream tea

Walking hand in hand beside the sea

Dancing in the moonlight full of glee


Watching fluffy clouds go scudding by

Looking at the seagulls flying high

Playing silly games with twinkling eye

snuggling close together, my oh my

Peter Matthews, a country boy at heart, lives with his wife of 47 years in the suburbs of Nottingham, England.  His greatest achievement is that he has aged fairly gracefully but has avoided growing up.  Peter has written poetry from the age of sixteen and blogs regularly at

16 thoughts on “Summer Love | Peter Matthews

  1. Lying on the lawn with poet Pete
    Was a summer pleasure hard to beat.
    But unnoticed in that moment’s heat –
    Ants were nibbling on the poet’s feet.

    While they marveled at clouds in the sky
    Ants were steady creeping on the sly.
    Up the trouser leg, past knee to thigh –
    The romance was over by and by.

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