Whispers and Echoes Poetry and Flash Fiction Index | July 2021


Throughout July Whispers and Echoes shared the remainder of the wonderful submissions we received for our themed call, Haiku on Healing. Thank you to everyone who sent in their poetry as well as to those who have been reading.

During August we will be sharing the submissions we received for our Summer 2021 call.  The beginning of September each year sees the journal taking a two week break, but afterwards, we will be turning our attention to our next call, Autumn 2021. We will be opening this call to submissions in the next few days, so please keep an eye out! 😉 However, if you can’t wait, we can share that our general guidelines will apply.  You can check them out by visiting the SUBMIT page.

There might also be another themed call coming soon…but more on that next week…

We’re still closed to general submissions at the moment as our posting schedule is full but we’re hoping to change that soon.

To see what we shared – or what you missed – in July, check out the links below.  Enjoy!


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