Last Rays Bright | Anna Mosca

last rays bright
elaborate shadows

embroidering walls
chilling the air
shivering a bit I rest

Anna Mosca is an eclectic artist who spends her life harnessing visual languages, with a clear preference for poetry. She is interested in exploring any given data, visual, perceptual and auditory, to pursue her creative inquiry. Her aim is to support the discovery and the communication of artistic creative experiences running across a palette of emotionally and socially relevant issues.

Born in Northern Italy has travelled extensively to expand her research. A professor of the Visual and Photographic Language for many years in a University in Milan, in recent years she took a sabbatical to foster poetry in the desert of California. Two bilingual books of poetry were the outcome, the California Notebooks, Volume 01 and 02. She frequently holds conferences on Women Artists to raise awareness and teaches courses of Visual Art. She is the founder of Luminesia and Luminesia4U a program that combines poetry and photography to reach consciousness. She created the poetic module Poesia Singolare Femminile to promote the voices of Italian female poets. Her favorite language for poetry is English and she runs a poetry blog at:

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