The Horse that Draws the Night | McKenzie Richardson

Bearing the rider of shadows, bring blackness beyond measure,

muscles straining with the effort of your nightly endeavor

frosted mane dancing against darkening sky


like moon beans, its curls and waves tuck us in tight

snowy strands protecting against winter’s harsh bite.


Ride on through blackness, prepare the world for sleep

hooves crack against stars as foam falls at your feet

dew descends upon earth, freezing in these chilling months


bring on the darkness, my Hrímfaxi, your work is nearly done

and when the night is over, Skinfaxi will bring the sun.

McKenzie Richardson lives in Milwaukee, WI. Recently, her work has been featuring in various anthologies through Black Hare Press, Iron Faerie Publishing, Dragon Soul Press, and Eerie River Publishing. She has also published a middle-grade novel, Heartstrings, as well as a poetry collaboration with Casey Renee Kiser, 433 Lighted Way.



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