Winter Stars Shine Brighter | McKenzie Richardson

They’ll tell you of earth’s rotation, the proximity of stars. As if science has all the answers.

But I know.

Scales gleaming with pearly light, the ivory dragon bedecks the sky, its body made of starlight. Frost spreads beneath each breath, dancing designs onto every surface with the fresh, clear scent of its ancient soul.

If you look into the whites of its eyes, you’ll see the beginning of time, an age long before science. Believe what you will about why the stars shine more brightly in the winter months.

But I’ve seen the dragon. I’ve looked into its eyes.

McKenzie Richardson lives in Milwaukee, WI. Recently, her work has been featuring in various anthologies through Black Hare Press, Iron Faerie Publishing, Dragon Soul Press, and Eerie River Publishing. She has also published a middle-grade novel, Heartstrings, as well as a poetry collaboration with Casey Renee Kiser, 433 Lighted Way.



Selected by the editor as a featured submission, July 2021

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