Friday the 13th | Frank Hubeny

As a new convert to rationalism Bill proudly announced to Martha that he didn’t even realize that yesterday was Friday the 13th until he got up this morning. “And nothing went wrong yesterday!”

Martha wrapped her arms around him. “You’re cured!  You finally realize that the only days worse than Friday the 13th are all the other days in the month.”

“You mean today could be worse than Friday the 13th?”

Martha rapidly nodded her head, “Yes!  Yes!  Statistically today could be awful.”

“I wonder what could go wrong?”

“Well, for one, today’s Friday, not Saturday.”

Frank Hubeny spends his time between Miami Beach and Northbrook, Illinois.  He has appeared in The Lyric, Snakeskin and Ancient Paths Literary Magazine.  He regularly posts poetry, short fiction and photography to

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