Autumn Dancer | McKenzie Richardson

She dances on the surface of the lake, toes kissing its ripples. Hair whipping in the cooling breeze, she pirouettes through the shower of falling seeds, raining down promises of life as the trees curl up to sleep.

The little ballerina twirls in a dress like tangerine fire, caught between the heat of summer and the chill of winter’s breath. As she spins, the greenery fades to bronze and honey, deepens to scarlet and currant. Clinging ivy bursts with flowers, final treats for bees and butterflies that swarm the yellow-green swellings.

Still, she spins on. She dances and autumn comes.

McKenzie Richardson lives in Milwaukee, WI. Recently, her work has been featured in various anthologies through Black Hare Press, Iron Faerie Publishing, Dragon Soul Press, and Eerie River Publishing. She has also published a middle-grade novel, Heartstrings, as well as a poetry collaboration with Casey Renee Kiser, 433 Lighted Way.



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