Water Watchers | McKenzie Richardson

The waves the waves the waves the waves

crash against the shore

splash our feet as sand tickles our toes

rooted as we are to this spot.


The waves the waves the waves the waves

can’t free my gaze from the expanse

this seemingly infinite body before us.


My hand finds yours, fingers intertwined,

with you, I could stay here forever,

endlessly standing at the edge of the world.

McKenzie Richardson lives in Milwaukee, WI. Recently, her work has been featured in various anthologies through Black Hare Press, Iron Faerie Publishing, Dragon Soul Press, and Eerie River Publishing. She has also published a middle-grade novel, Heartstrings, as well as poetry collaboration with Casey Renee Kiser, 433 Lighted Way.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mckenzielrichardson/

Blog: http://www.craft-cycle.com

Selected by the editor as a featured submission, December 2020

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