Forgotten Intentions | Nobbinmaug

We met on the roof across the divide as people tend to do. We were both there to watch the sun set over the city. The sun painted the sky in glorious hues as it dipped, but my attention remained focused on her. Long after the sun abandoned us, we remained.

The rooftop became the setting for our secluded rendezvous. Sunsets, stars, and wine fueled our nocturnal conversations.

On our wedding night, she shared a confession. That night, she wasn’t on the roof for the sunset. Loneliness and depression led her there. It was a reminder of my forgotten intentions.

Nobbinmaug an alien from the planet Eereeeneeee. He the purveyor of tales, and occasionally tails. He specializes in Sci-Fi for kids and the kid inside adults.

Selected by the editor as a featured submission, October 2020

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