End Of The Rainbow | Nobbinmaug

Bill Sampson-Simpson docked his boat on the quiet, storm-beaten island.

Bill alienated his family, lost his home, and couldn’t keep a job. He survived as a fisherman. He sailed the world, chasing rainbows. It was about to be worth it. After 20 years, he could anticipate a rainbow’s appearance. One was about to land on this island.

He ran into the trees. The clouds cracked. The sun peeked through. The rainbow arched, and Bill Sampson-Simpson was at the end.

The pot appeared. He ran to it, clutched it. He looked inside.

“God damn it!!!! Lucky Charms?”

They were bitterly delicious.

Nobbinmaug an alien from the planet Eereeeneeee. He the purveyor of tales, and occasionally tails. He specializes in Sci-Fi for kids and the kid inside adults.  https://nobbinblog.wordpress.com/

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