An Uninvited Guest | Sammi Cox

The crash was deafening. Sitting bolt upright, my head pounded in that unique way it does when you’ve woken too quickly from a deep sleep, leaving you disoriented.

The noise came again, suddenly in the silence. I fell out of bed. Stumbling to my feet, half-blind with confusion, I opened my bedroom door to be greeted by the strangest sight. A little man, with very big ears, hands and feet.

‘Sorry. Took a wrong turn. The door closed behind me. Looks like I’m stuck here.’


‘Portal. You know. Looks like I’ll be staying for a while.’

Sammi Cox is from the UK and spends her time writing and making things. Her poetry and short fiction have been published in various places online and in print. Her first collection of tiny tales, One Turn of The Wheel was published by Three Drops Press in 2017. Find her at:

Originally posted on the site: 30/09/2019

4 thoughts on “An Uninvited Guest | Sammi Cox

      1. I think we all do that. That’s part of the value of belonging to the WP community: feedback. Although folks are far too polite to say Yuk. But a stony silence does hint that all isn’t well. And just as easily can be because by some fluke, no one saw it. 🙂


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