Confinement | McKenzie Richardson

I’ve been held captive for two months now, but I have not lost hope. My determination to escape has only grown.

My teeth crunch against unpalatable pellets, my only sustenance. What I wouldn’t give for fresh meat. Yesterday, I watched a bird outside the window for hours, equal parts jealous of its freedom and longing to feast on its meager flesh.

The sound of the door opening has me leaping to my feet. Daylight burns through the open hatch.

But before I reach it, two hands grasp me, flip me over, and scratch my exposed stomach. A voice utters its favorite question, “Who’s a good kitty?”

McKenzie Richardson lives in Milwaukee, WI. Her work has been featured in various anthologies such as Mutate, Electromagnetism, and Doomsday, as well as online publications. Her first novel, Heartstrings, was published in 2018. McKenzie also runs a crafting blog: For more updates on her writing, you can follow her on Facebook: | Wattpad

Originally posted on the site: 23/08/2019

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