Fresh Start | Teresa Smeigh

Fresh Start follows on from A New Start

As the train took off, and Penny had not made it back, Josh relaxed. He had wondered how he could get rid of her. The missing ticket was the answer. She would have to go back to the apartment to get it and she would miss the train. He propped up her guitar she had left with him. She should get the message.

He went in search of Patty Ann. She was supposed to meet him so no one would see them together and tell Penny. Penny was always whining, and he wanted a fresh start with a brand-new relationship.

Teresa Smeigh lives in Williamstown, New Jersey. She writes plenty of flash fiction, poems, and non-fiction including her very first book that is in the process. It is a memoir of her married years and the time she and her husband had spent in the military lifestyle.

Originally posted on the site: 01/07/2019

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