A New Start | Teresa Smeigh

They were headed to Las Vegas to start a new career. Penny realized she didn’t have her train ticket after checking her purse so, she left her guitar with him while she ran back to the apartment.

Shutting the door, she heard a train whistle. She hurried. She expected him to be waiting at the station for her. They could exchange their tickets.

When she got to the station, she saw it was not only empty, her guitar was sitting propped against the station wall. He was gone. Tears flowed down her cheeks. He might as well have slapped her.

Teresa Smeigh lives in Williamstown, New Jersey. She writes plenty of flash fiction, poems, and non-fiction including her very first book that is in the process. It is a memoir of her married years and the time she and her husband had spent in the military lifestyle.

Selected by the editor as a featured submission, July 2020

Originally posted on the site: 21/06/2019

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