A Few Whispers and Echoes Updates

We have a few changes to the website which we will be implementing over the coming days, so please bear with us while we tinker 😉

During this time we will remain open to submissions so please keep sending them in!  New responses will start going out by the end of the week…

If you would like to know what we are doing, read on!

I have been blown away by the support Whispers and Echoes has been given – by those who submit to the journal, both regularly and as a one-off, as well as by those who read it. My aim has always been to create an online journal where the words of our writers stand out above all else on the site, and to get these poems and flash fiction in front of as many people as I can. One of the reasons we are bringing in changes to the W & E site is to do just that – to make the content even easier to find.

As we move things around, you will notice we will be reposting all previous content. If you follow the site here on wordpress, this means you will now see submissions appearing in your reader. It also means there will be new links to the poems and pieces of flash, but we will add to the bottom of each repost a note on when it was originally included on the site. Furthermore, on the original posting we will add an updated link.

If you’re a submitter to the journal and do not want to see your work reposted please contact us to let us know. At this time we don’t have any plans to delete the original pages where these poems and flash fiction can be found so these old links will still work, but please feel free to share the new links on your blogs, websites, social media etc…

We have just launched a Facebook page dedicated to the journal. On it we will post links to the poetry and flash we include, as well as special calls for submissions, so please do follow us if you can.

Once we have made all the changes, we will start reposting our poetry and flash fiction. As we are in effect catching up, we will be posting three times a day, starting tomorrow – Tuesday 21st April 2020. We have a schedule all worked out, just in case you want to know when your work will be reposted – send us an email and we can let you know 🙂

Only when we have moved all our submissions into the new format will we begin to post new content, on our usual posting days of Mondays and Fridays. As always, we will notify submitters when their work will be going live on the site when we respond to submissions.

I hope all visitors to the site, both readers and writers alike, will approve of these changes and agree they will help the discoverability of the poems and flash fiction shared by Whispers and Echoes.  That is, after all, why our writers write, and why this online journal exists.

Thank you so much for your kindness, patience and support.

Sammi – Whispers and Echoes Editor

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